Wine Tasting Ljubljana

Wine Tasting Ljubljana

A one-of-a-kind Wine Tasting experience in the centre of Slovenia’s vibrant capital



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Slovenian Wine World

  • Taste 7 Slovenian wines of the highest quality from all three winegrowing regions on this wine tasting experience
  • Learn about Slovenia’s winemaking tradition and experience its excellence with every drop
  • Enjoy the lovely ambient of an ancient wine cellar and snack on delicious appetizers
  • Mingle with other wine tasters, create special memories and have a fantastic time

Introduction & Gallery

Glass of

white or red?

Slovenia is divided into three very productive winemaking regions, each with its own list of unique characteristics that turn their products into an amazing blend of flavours you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Ljubljana, Slovenia’s spellbindingly green and vibrant capital, is a cultural hub where the multitude of the country’s traditions come to mingle. Wine is no exception. There’s a whole array of quaint wine cellars and wine bars in Ljubljana that serve the very best wines this subalpine gem has to offer. By joining our Wine Tasting you’ll get the chance to taste 7 of the best Slovenian wines from all three aforementioned regions.

The sunny, bora-swept south, the endless vineyards of central Slovenia, and the wines from the north-east, the quality of which is influenced by winemaking traditions beyond our borders. A truly exquisite experience.

We’ll take you to a 300-year-old wine cellar, spoil you with delicious appetizers, and let our expert English-speaking sommelier lead you down the thrilling path of tasting a selection of Slovenia’s best wines. You’ll learn a bunch of interesting facts and unlock the secrets of Slovenia’s deeply respected winemaking tradition. And you won’t be alone. You’ll be able to share this amazing experience with other local and foreign wine tasters.

Remember, the best stories are always told and unforgettable memories made over a glass of wine!

Offer & Signup

Neverending variety of

Slovenian wines

The offer

  • 7 amazing boutique Slovenian wines
  • Delicious appetizers
  • Presented by wine expert
  • Certificate for becoming an ambassador of Slovenian wine

49€ / person

  • 2-hour Wine Tasting starts every day at 5 pm.
  • Sign-up is required to reserve your spot.
  • The tasting is conducted in English.
  • Contact us for private groups.

If you wonder…

A: What is Wine Tasting?
Q: Wine tasting is a planned and structured experience where you use your smell and taste to determine the wine’s character, aromas, body and so much more, all in the company of a wine expert.

Q: Who is this tasting for?
A: Anyone (over 18). Our Wine Tasting is perfect for both novice and expert wine tasters. The only thing that’s required is the desire to relax, drink some wine, and enjoy the ride.

Q: In what way is this Wine Tasting unique?
A: It’s the best way to taste high-quality wines from all three wine-growing regions of Slovenia. Expert sommelier knowledge and fun socializing included.

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Dvorni bar, Dvorni Trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana

We operate also in Bled. Check out Wine Tasting Bled >


Karl G.

Highly recommended, try to do it at the beginning of your stay, then you will have a better idea of what wines to order in the local restaurants.


Nicklas M.

If you want passion and a great atmosphere, and try a really varied assortment of what Slovenia has to offer – this is it.


Valentina A.

I am so happy I did this. Boris was very informative and you could see his passion for wine.


Aidan M.

Boris is a great laugh and really knowledgeable about Slovenian wines. The group got on great and we all had a laugh.

Tasting you'll never forget!

Join us for an unforgettable top rated Wine Tasting in Ljubljana!

Facts about

Slovenia and Wine

  • Record Slovenian harvest at the Decanter 2018 brought Slovenia 3 Platinum and 4 gold awards!
  • There is a vineyard or a winery on every 70 people in Slovenia and we consume 94% of wine we produce.
  • The City of Ljubljana has its own vineyard. The Castle Vine grows next to the dungeon at the Ljubljana Castle. The Castle Vineyard
    has 1050 vines.
  • Wine plays such an important role in our culture that our national anthem is actually a toast.
  • We are located on the 46th parallel like some of the best wine producing regions in the world – Napa Valley, Bordeaux…
  • Ljubljana is the first city in the world to host international wine evaluations.